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Travis Wilson – Jones Waldo Law Firm

Thursday, September 18 | 8:00 pm
Need help with the legal side of your startup?

Travis Wilson, a tech startup expert, will discuss forming company documents and documents for investing.

  • Should you set up a LLC or Corp?
  • What do you look for in a term sheet?
  • Why are operating agreements or bylaws so important?

Consultation with a lawyer like this typically costs $250 an hour. Come enjoy the free advice and food.

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Why Nominate Your Company to UVEF Top 25 Under 5?

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The recognition that has come along with being in the UVEF Top 25 Under 5 has had a huge impact on our business and not just in Utah. I am getting calls from large investment firms from out of state that found me through an awards list and wanted to reach out. Locally, it has helped us to gain credibility, awareness, and trust from both potential clients and employees. I love being apart of UVEF and especially the Top 25 under 5.

Bubba Page

Founder of, Launch Leads and QuotaDeck

The UVEF Top 25 Under 5 award has provided Lancera with a significant amount of recognition within the local community and our industry. The award has been a big part of our marketing campaigns and has helped validate the company to potential employees, customers, vendors and investors alike. Within Lancera it has been a great source of pride and has helped increase moral with our team.

Chad Bennett

CEO, Lancera